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ecoCaledon in conjunction with its partners promotes environmental programs, projects and activities designed to enhance and protect Caledon’s environment and to reverse global warming.  We engage the Caledon community and its individual citizens in the enjoyment and conservation of the environment.


Recent Projects

ecoCaledon is a non-profit organization with a mandate to improve the environment within the Town of Caledon. We welcome all suggestions for innovative programs to help improve the environment of Caledon. Please contact us if you have an idea you would like share.

“Caledon Cares Enviro Challenge”

The Enviro Challenge lets you join others in taking actions to reduce your impact on the environment in different areas of your life between May and November of this year!  There are 4 different Challenge areas offered in May, June, September, and November.

You can do any of the challenges that work for you.  For example, challenges in May (Food) include creating a New Weekly Menu that is nutritious and reduces food waste. Creating each New Recipe is also a challenge. In June you can reduce your transportation footprint with challenges to choose from including; Test Driving an E- Car and/or Combining Shopping trips.

Every time you do a challenge you are entered in the draw to win prizes and to gain points for recognition. You also impact the environment!!  Many Caledon Businesses have donated a range of great prizes you can win!!  From Toronto FC Tickets to a Rechargeable Garden Trimmer to Gift certificates for Meals and more…

Once you join you will get updates for each of the areas starting with Food in May and Transportation in June.  You can come to the event that launches each of these areas or look at a video for to gain insights and to see the Challenges you can choose from.

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