Committed to CLIMATE ACTION and MORE!

We are ecoCaledon! A local nonprofit organization championing climate action in the Town of Caledon.

In conjunction with our partners - we aim to EDUCATE Caledon residents on environmental issues, EMPOWER our community to take individual and collective action, ADVOCATE for better policy and bold climate initiatives, and PARTNER with others working on climate solutions.


Our Vision is to make it easy and fun for people to change behaviours. A sustainable, equitable and just future for People and Planet is POSSIBLE!

Our Mission is to showcase ways in which we can all work together and motivate one another to act quickly to cut greenhouse gas emissions drastically.

Guiding Principles



ecoCaledon strives to enhance and preserve the natural beauty of Caledon’s small town/rural communities. This means supporting a smaller, more gradually growing population that reduces its individual carbon footprints and enjoys the many natural activities.  It also encourages nearby residents (Peel and Surrounding GTA communities) to better connect to nature. 


Environmental Education

Building knowledge and skills amongst the community. 


Community Engagement

Empowering our community to change individual behaviours and create positive change.