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Who are we and what do we offer

....Connecting with the Caledon Community to Reverse Global Warming for a brighter world for our kids: See how you can get involved in one of Drawdown, Education or other programs; be a part of it.......

Vision ecoCaledon in conjunction with its partners promotes environmental programs, projects and activities designed to enhance and protect Caledon’s environment and to reverse global warming.  We engage the Caledon community and its individual citizens in the enjoyment and conservation of the environment.  Our vision is to connect the majority of Caledon Citizens (Caledonians) to their environment encouraging them to live more sustainable lives and to help in making Caledon more sustainable.  We are a mostly volunteer run organization (Two par-time paid .

Reach:  ecoCaledon’s programs reach out to the entire Caledon Community from Caledon school age students (from JK to Grade 12) to all other ages. 

Drawdown Focus: All ecoCaledon programs tie into Drawdown; a worldwide effort that shares experience to take actions to reverse global warming (e.g., reducing energy, reducing food waste etc.) .

A Drawdown Timeline

Current Programs

Our main programs include Drawdown (encourages community projects to reverse global warming –cooling off our planet for our kids) and School Programs.  All programs are described below.

School Programs

Promote The 4 R’s

These promote the 4 R’s sponsored by Region of Peel; Individual Class workshops and Whole School Challenges in elementary and secondary schools. Last year we delivered 73 class workshops and 2 Whole School Challenges. 

We also work with schools to deliver Drawdown Workshops and projects in both elementary and secondary schools. 

ecoCaledon offers Bursaries to graduating high school students

For more information on School programs see the “Education” tab in this web site.

Paint a Picture(PP)

For Clean Air Project

Paint a Picture(PP) for Clean Air Project: This project is a full community environmental engagement program that runs annually between Earth Hour (March), Earth Day (April) and Caledon Day(June) to raise awareness about protecting our air.   Paint a Picture for Clean Air encourages drivers not to leave their cars idling. Grade Schools across Caledon paint posters promoting clean air and no idling. These posters are displayed across Caledon in business and municipal building windows to remind drivers to turn off their cars.

Walk the Talk Project

Community Engagement Workshops

Community engagement workshops are offered on reducing your environmental footprint given to Service Clubs, local community organizations such as churches and Seniors groups and school groups such as Sports and Girl Guides.  See more info under the “Project” tab of this web site

Rain Barrel Project

ecoCaledon Retrofits Olive Barrels

ecoCaledon retrofits olive barrels to re-purpose them as Rain Barrels. These are sold at a low price through local businesses (e.g., Davis Farm and Feed) and the Bolton Recycling Center.  The funds from these go to support environmental High school Graduation Bursaries.

Drawdown Movement and Workshops

Reversing Global Warming

Drawdown Movement and Workshops: These workshops encourage ways to reversing Global Warming. ecoCaledon is the Caledon Community partner with Drawdown Canada.  Together we promote and deliver workshops (introductory and Full Workshop Series).  These engage and encourage Caledonians and others to take on projects that work on the 100 ways to reverse global warming (i.e., Energy, Food and Transportation are three of the Sectors that have ways to reduce Global Warming (CO2’s)).

Drawdown Directory

Celebrates Connections

Organizations that can help you participate in Drawdown, to work towards reversing Global Warming. It also highlights Projects that are being done in Caledon to work towards Drawdown.  These projects are connected to individual Caledonians and local Community groups.

Caledon Day Kid’s Zone

ecoCaledon Organizes the Kid’s Zone

Caledon Day Kid’s Zone: ecoCaledon organizes the Kid’s Zone at Caledon Day (Mid-June Saturday).  This encourages kids to use their environment to be more active.  The Kid’s Zone has a series of hands on “back to basics” activities including Bird House Building. Crafts, obstacle courses, puzzles, painting and more.

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