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Albion Hills Community Farm



Albion Hills Community Farm is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm located at the back of Albion Hills Conservation Area. Its entrance is off of Humber Station Road, north of Old Church Road. It is managed and directed by local environmentalist Karen Hutchison, along with three other co-directors, a small staff and some volunteers.

According to the farm’s mission statement, Albion Hills Community Farm, a project of the Toronto Region Conservation Authority, is “a not-for-profit organization which advances the understanding of local food and sustainable agricultural practices through farming, education, conservation and community partnerships.” It was incorporated in 2010 as a charitable, non-profit organization.

Although the farm is not certified organic, it uses regenerative agricultural farming practices with the aim to have a net positive environmental footprint. Besides running as a CSA, education is a large part of its mandate. The Toronto District Board of Education’s Outdoor Education program , as well as local programs such as From Dirt to Delicious, a children’s summer club running out of Palgrave, regularly access the farm. While still in the implimentation stages, there are great aspirations at the farm all with a Drawdown net effect. The following information from the AHCF’s website spells out it’s vision:

Centre for Sustainable Near-Urban Agriculture

Our vision is to build a Centre for Sustainable Near-Urban Agriculture at the Albion Hills Community Farm which showcases innovative green technology and incorporates sustainable design and sustainable energy.

  • Water Harvesting of Rain (Barn Roof)
  • Solar Panel Feasibility Study (Barn Roof or sloped field)
  • Greenhouse (Passive Solar and wood heat – local forest)
  • Compost toilet project
  • Irrigation design with “Oak Ridges Moraine” demonstration
  • Small turbine “wind” demonstration model
  • Root Cellar
  • Produce Washing Station
  • Refrigerator “Trailer” – Solar Power
  • Displays – Sustainable Agriculture & Albion Hills Agriculture

Sustainable Nature of the Albion Hills Community Farm:

The Albion Hills Community Farm has many SUSTAINABLE practices including:

  • using sustainable and responsible agricultural practices
  • using crop rotation
  • raising laying chickens for pest management and soil fertility, as well as eggs
  • using regenerative practices to maximize the health of the land
  • offering a selection of foods from other local farmers
  • offering CSA membership options

Drawdown Solution Tie- In:

#67 Farmland Irrigation;
#60 Composting;
#16 Conservation Agriculture;
#65 Nutrient Management;
#11 Regenerative Agriculture;
#4 Promoting a Plant-Rich Diet

For descriptions of each solution go to:

Contact and Location:

Albion Hills Community Farm
16555 Humber Station Road, Caledon, L7E 3A5



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