In the previous eight articles, Dr. Richard Ehrlich touted the environmental and cost benefits of improving energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and switching to greener, renewable sources of energy. We should all be trying to do this, but there is another thing that you can easily do, that will have lasting effects for generations. Plant … Read more

Strawbale Houses

Today’s guest author is Richard Griffith, an environmentalist, gardener and carpenter who lives in an energy-efficient house and earns his bacon in Grey County. “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs” is an amusing account from the wolf’s point of view. The wolf readily admits that he ate the first two pigs, but claims … Read more

Geothermal Energy

In Canada, much of our ecological impact comes from heating and cooling our houses. In winter, the outdoor air temperature can be 40 Celsius degrees cooler than indoors; in summer, it can be 15 degrees warmer outside. Meanwhile, several meters underground, the temperature is a constant 10 C. Conventional heating and cooling systems need to raise … Read more

Save Water and Reduce Smog

Since the Walkerton tragedy, we’ve all been more aware of water pollution issues.  There is another aspect of water-related pollution that is often overlooked – the air pollution caused by heating and pumping water. This is a huge contributor to smog and the greenhouse gases that cause global warming! Pumping water takes a lot of … Read more

Solar Water Heating

Imagine this. It’s a scorching, smoggy day, and the sun is beating down mercilessly. Now think about lighting a propane or gas fire inside your house – or running a huge electric heater – to heat water.  All that extra heat warms your house, and generators must burn dirty coal to produce the electricity you … Read more

Reduce sash window drafts

If your sash windows are sweating, letting in draughts, frosting during cold winter days, and developing mould, chances are your weather-stripping needs replacement.  Instead of replacing wooden-framed windows with vinyl, renewing the window weather-stripping is an affordable solution to a typical Canadian problem. How can you tell if your weather-stripping is causing you problems? With … Read more

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

You might think that a rural town like Caledon would have excellent air quality but on many days, we don’t.  We contribute to smog through the electricity we use, thanks to Ontario’s massive coal-burning power generators – the biggest air polluters in Canada, major sources of mercury and climate change-causing greenhouse gases. A household lighting … Read more

Automotive Issues

When a vehicle idles, it gets zero miles per gallon.  People comment on all the vehicles left idling outside my office while their owners run errands down the street. This is unnecessary, expensive and damaging to the vehicle as well as the environment. Police advise that it’s also an invitation to theft. I’m not an … Read more