Caledon Environmental SolutionsWorkshop (presented by Caledon East United and ecoCaledon) - Saturday November 9th: 9:00 -11:00 pm
Caledon East United Church: 6046 Old Church Road - Get Tickets Here or Call Caledon East United: 905 584-9974 or Click Here For More Information.




GoodLot Farmstead Brewing Co.

The beer embodies Gail and Phil’s values to protect the water, promote soil health and biodiversity, and whole-heartedly support the community every step of the way. “Farm Raised Beer – GoodLot is the first farm-to-barrel brewery in the Greenbelt – We make fresh, super-local, estate-quality ales and lagers using ingredients raised on our own farm” … Read more

Drawdown Environmental Community Workshop

Join other people in the Caledon community who want to be a part of reducing and ultimately reversing Global Warming….  Book your spot:     community-workshop-tickets-59170183612 The Workshop will: Show you the Seven Sectors of Drawdown that provide solutions (i.e.  Food, Energy etc.) Tell how Communities around the world including Caledon are moving the … Read more

Drawdown EcoChallenge!

Drawdown EcoChallenge! April 2019 Join ecoCaledon’s Team: Drawdown EcoChallenge is a fun way to take action on the most accessible solutions to Global Warming. See how three weeks (April 3-April 24th) of action can add up to a lifetime of change for you, your community and the planet.  There are Seven Sectors that you … Read more

Zero Waste Caledon Project

Canadians produce more garbage per capita than any other country on earth. The average Canadian produces about 5 pounds of garbage a day! Waste incineration contributes to air pollution, landfills are a source of greenhouse gases and plastics are contaminating our oceans. In order to address these environmental impacts of waste, one local Caledon resident … Read more


In the previous eight articles, Dr. Richard Ehrlich touted the environmental and cost benefits of improving energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and switching to greener, renewable sources of energy. We should all be trying to do this, but there is another thing that you can easily do, that will have lasting effects for generations. Plant … Read more

Strawbale Houses

Today’s guest author is Richard Griffith, an environmentalist, gardener and carpenter who lives in an energy-efficient house and earns his bacon in Grey County. “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs” is an amusing account from the wolf’s point of view. The wolf readily admits that he ate the first two pigs, but claims … Read more

Geothermal Energy

In Canada, much of our ecological impact comes from heating and cooling our houses. In winter, the outdoor air temperature can be 40 Celsius degrees cooler than indoors; in summer, it can be 15 degrees warmer outside. Meanwhile, several meters underground, the temperature is a constant 10 C. Conventional heating and cooling systems need to raise … Read more

Save Water and Reduce Smog

Since the Walkerton tragedy, we’ve all been more aware of water pollution issues.  There is another aspect of water-related pollution that is often overlooked – the air pollution caused by heating and pumping water. This is a huge contributor to smog and the greenhouse gases that cause global warming! Pumping water takes a lot of … Read more