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Spirit Tree Cidery

The Cidery was started in 2009 just in time to meeting the needs of a resurgence in Cider popularity in Ontario. Nicole Judge and Thomas Wilson built on their Apple Orchard producing great varieties of Cider along with gourmet food. A Toronto Star article summed it up this way, “They gravitated to high-end gourmet, artisan … Read more

Geo-Thermal Furnaces

Sustainable Approaches SUSTAINABLE practices including: Uses natural ground heat in winter and ground cool in summer; Greenest system; Reduced impact on environment; less use of non-renewable energy; System lasts longer than other heating and cooling systems – about 20 years, saving need to build more equipment; Environmental Reasons*: Reduce – A geothermal system reduces true … Read more

Headwaters Farm Fresh Guide

Headwaters Food and Farming Web Site; Organization Profile: Joint Project of the Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance and the In the Hills Magazine jointly provide the Headwaters Farm Fresh Guide The Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance(HFFA) vision is “a food system that is productive, sustainable, transparent, and fair; supports the health and well-being … Read more

What’s Old is New Again – Create Your Own T- Shirt Bag

The purpose of this activity:  First, to introduce people to the concept of repurposing, or giving a new use to an old or otherwise unwanted item.  Repurposing gently used t-shirts keeps them out of the landfill and creates a new bag that can be enjoyed for years to come.  Second, the project encourages people to … Read more

Walk the Talk

Drawdown Solution Tie In: Energy Sector Solutions –depending what you do to your home #18 Geothermal #10 Rooftop Solar Other Buildings and Cities Sector solutions –depending what you do to your home #73 Green Roofs #33 LED Lighting #42 Heat Pumps #31 Insulation For descriptions of each solution go to: How to Get Involved … Read more

Naked Cafe

Owner Profile: Owned by Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Svetlana Fetterly, the Naked Café is a holistic café whose goal is to provide wholesome, healthy, delicious food in an effort to improve the overall health of the community. Naked café gives back by supporting local sports teams and other community activities whenever they can. Everything the Naked … Read more

Davis Farm and Feed Supply

Source: September 2014 In the Hills Magazine Owner Profile: Davis Family (Sean and John) Sean Davis and his father John Davis run the Davis Farm and Feed Supply and the near by farm. “If you want to do something you love, you find ways to do it. We have a lot of young farmers among … Read more