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Caledon Environmental SolutionsWorkshop


Take Action On Climate Change

Caledon Environmental SolutionsWorkshop (presented by Caledon East United and ecoCaledon)
Join the Caledon Community to be part of reducing and ultimately reversing Global Warming

Drawdown Solution Tie In: 

Saturday November 9th: 9:00 -11:00 am

Caledon East United Church: 6046 Old Church Road

Book your spot: or call Caledon East United: 905 584-9974

The Workshop will:

  • Focus on 4 of the 7 Drawdown* Areas/ solutions (Food, Energy, Materials and Transportation etc.)- part of community efforts worldwide.
  • Explore Solutions and Actions you can easily take ((i.e., Food/Nutrition, Energy, Waste etc.) –Plan your own actions!!
  • Hear about Caledon Community Projects including: Zero Waste, Gratitude for Food: Food Rescue and Reducing Your Energy Footprint

Take Action in your Community on the environment!

*Project Drawdown was founded by author and environmentalist, Paul Hawken. It is a scientific,comprehensive plan of the top solutions to reverse global warming by 2050.

——- More Details ——–

Caledon Environmental Solutions Workshop:
Presented by Caledon East United Church and ecoCaledon
Saturday November 9th 9-11 am:
Caledon East United Church

EcoCaledon and the Caledon East United Church are teaming up to offer the “Caledon Environmental Solutions” Workshop to help you take action on the environment. You and other community members will see how to make your life more sustainable while reducing your creation of C02’s. We will use practical local examples that contribute to the Global efforts that are within the Drawdown Sectors (see below). The workshop will be interactive and hands on.

Caledon like other communities is facing climate challenges/emergencies which are leading to a crisis as the effects worsen. We have all seen the effects locally in Caledon and in the Southern and Central Ontario from local flooding and ice storms to rising temperatures. Together individuals, communities and all levels of government can take actions to slow down global warming and ultimately reverse it through collective action on solutions.

This workshop will introduce you to a ground-breaking framework for tackling global warming which is based on the 2017 book Drawdown, The book highlights 70 + environmental solutions in seven sectors which, when applied on an individual, community and global scale, can actually succeed in reversing global warming by the year 2050. Of the 7 sectors included in the book Drawdown, the Caledon Environmental Solutions Workshop will focus on the 5 that most apply to Caledon: Energy, Food, Buildings and Cities, Transport and Materials. You will discover how solutions to global warming are already in progress here in Caledon and how you can help taking action yourself.

Come interact with local “experts” who are already implementing key solutions such as living a zero waste lifestyle, offering energy home retrofits and teaching others how to avoid food waste. You will be able to see actions that can easily be put into your life to make it more sustainable and to reduce the amount of C02’s that you are generating as part of your carbon footprint. Also at the Workshop you will see the Town of Caledon’s new “Resilient Caledon” program that promotes actions to reduce the negative effects of Climate Change. Share in the changes that are coming and what we can do about them.

Many of these solutions are also featured in ecoCaledon’s web Site and Drawdown Directory ( The directory has Organizations/Connections and Projects that will help you with your Climate Actions. There are examples of projects that you can be a part of including Zero Waste and Gratitude for Food (matched excess food in Caledon with groups in need) and more.

To sign up for the Caledon Environmental Solutions Workshop go to: or call Caledon East United: 905 584-9974

The Caledon Environmental Solutions workshop will connect you to efforts on a personal level, community level and beyond to be part of a bigger effort. For more information contact ecoCaledon at

Saturday November 9th: 9:00 -11:00 pm

Caledon East United Church: 6046 Old Church Road


ecoCaledon Drawdown

ecoCaledon Drawdown helps individuals and community members in Caledon be a part of Project Drawdown. Project Drawdown provides us with a road map of how we can reverse global warming together! 

For More information on Drawdown click here.

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