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Your Guide To Drawdown Connections and projects

Use the Drawdown Green Directory to find organizations/Connections that can help you reduce your energy footprint.  It will also show you the many areas/sectors (Energy , Home, Transportation and food etc. ) of your life where together we can reduce and ultimately reverse global warming.  Check out Projects from others to get ideas for you or for a community you belong to.

The Drawdown directory will give you a quick reference to explore Drawdown. We have broken down the listings into two distinct areas; Drawdown Connections and Drawdown Projects.

Drawdown Connections

A listing of local businesses and organization that employ the Drawdown philosophy.

Drawdown Projects

Here are some community examples of Drawdown in practice!


In the previous eight articles, Dr. Richard Ehrlich touted the environmental and cost benefits of improving energy efficiency, ...
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Strawbale Houses

Today’s guest author is Richard Griffith, an environmentalist, gardener and carpenter who lives in an energy-efficient house and ...
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Geothermal Energy

In Canada, much of our ecological impact comes from heating and cooling our houses. In winter, the outdoor ...
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Save Water and Reduce Smog

Since the Walkerton tragedy, we’ve all been more aware of water pollution issues.  There is another aspect of ...
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Reduce Electricity Vampires in your Home

You already know that you can save energy and cut down on smog and greenhouse gases by switching to ...
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Solar Water Heating

Imagine this. It’s a scorching, smoggy day, and the sun is beating down mercilessly. Now think about lighting ...
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