Buildings and Cities

Includes the following solutions for example;
District Heating, Insulation, LED Lighting, Smart Thermostats, Green Roofs, Bike Infrastructure & Net Zero buildings.

Forster’s Book Garden

By Admin / November 12, 2018

Owner Profile:  Donna Kamiel- Forster Forster’s Book Garden has been in business in Bolton for 20 years and 266 Queen … Read more

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Energy Efficient House Building

By Admin / October 4, 2018

Community Groups: Humberview Secondary and ecoCaledon Humberview Secondary School (Grade 10 Construction Technology Class) delivered the House building project. ecocaledon … Read more

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Rise for Climate Change Worldwide Initiative (See how you can join in)

By Admin / September 19, 2018

Project Description: Engage with your local Community, Town and City On September 8, 2018 the “Rise for Climate Change” event … Read more

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Walk the Talk

By Admin / August 28, 2018

Drawdown Solution Tie In: Energy Sector Solutions –depending what you do to your home #18 Geothermal #10 Rooftop Solar Other … Read more

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Rain Barrel Project

By Admin / August 28, 2018

What is a rain Barrel for? Rain Barrels capture rainwater from your rooftop. This water would normally run into a … Read more

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