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Women and Girls

Women and Girls Includes the following solutions for example;
Educating Girls, Family Planning and Women Smallholders.

Drawdown Environmental Community Workshop

By EcoCaledon / March 26, 2019

Join other people in the Caledon community who want to be a part of reducing and ultimately reversing Global Warming….  … Read more

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Drawdown EcoChallenge!

By EcoCaledon / March 11, 2019

Drawdown EcoChallenge! April 2019 Join ecoCaledon’s Team: Drawdown EcoChallenge is a fun way to take action on the most … Read more

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Zero Waste Caledon Project

By EcoCaledon / March 10, 2019

Canadians produce more garbage per capita than any other country on earth. The average Canadian produces about 5 pounds of … Read more

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Earth Hour and Earth Day 2019 Coming up

By EcoCaledon / March 7, 2019

With Earth Hour and Earth Day coming up soon there are all kinds of activities to have fun with  while … Read more

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Eco Film Festivals

By EcoCaledon / February 18, 2019

Some exciting festivals happening with a focus in the environment! Click for details!

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Climate Change Open House

By EcoCaledon / January 28, 2019

Please join the Town of Caledon for a Climate Change Open House With support from ICLEI Canada (Local Governments for … Read more

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The Heritage Bee Company

By EcoCaledon / January 28, 2019

“We make BEEKEEPING a POSSIBILITY!” After years of longing to get into beekeeping, Jeff Chalmers and Debbie Gray founded The … Read more

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Climate Conference COP24

By EcoCaledon / January 10, 2019

Join us at the Climate Conference COP24 IT’ S TIME TO SPEED UP THE COOL DOWN   Women and Immigrant … Read more

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Drawdown Land Use Summit coming up November 28

By EcoCaledon / November 23, 2018

Project Drawdown has identified, researched and modeled the 100 most substantive, existing solutions to address climate change, grouped into seven … Read more

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Naturally Bulk

By EcoCaledon / November 16, 2018
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