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Women and Girls

Women and Girls Includes the following solutions for example;
Educating Girls, Family Planning and Women Smallholders.

Rain Barrel Project

By EcoCaledon / August 28, 2018

What is a rain Barrel for? Rain Barrels capture rainwater from your rooftop. This water would normally run into a … Read more

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Food Waste

By EcoCaledon / August 28, 2018
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Naked Cafe

By EcoCaledon / August 15, 2018

Owner Profile: Owned by Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Svetlana Fetterly, the Naked Café is a holistic café whose goal is to … Read more

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Davis Farm and Feed Supply

By EcoCaledon / June 12, 2018

Source: September 2014 In the Hills Magazine Owner Profile: Davis Family (Sean and John) Sean Davis and his father John … Read more

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