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Region of Peel Waste Education Programs Delivered by ecoCaledon

ecoCaledon facilitates Waste Reduction Workshops for grades JK - 12 and Waste Reduction Whole School Challenges for JK- 8 Schools in Caledon.   

Waste Reduction Workshops

A unique curriculum-connected workshop has been developed by the Region of Peel in conjunction with ecoCaledon for each grade, engaging students through interactive learning and guided inquiry.

Kindergarten / Grade 1 / Grade 2

Through songs, games, and storybooks, students are introduced to the 3R’s and learn how to recycle correctly in the Region of Peel.

Grade 3

Students delve into the process of composting and learn how nature turns organic waste into soil.

Grade 4 / Grade 5 / Grade 6

By investigating the secret lifecycle of everyday products, students discover the importance of the 3Rs and how to tackle issues like food waste, over-packaging, and resource use in their own lives.

Grade 7 / Grade 8

In Grade 7, students investigate how technology affects the environment by learning about electronics and strategies to reduce e-waste. The Grade 8 workshop focuses on consumerism and the environmental impact of systems that create and deliver goods.

Grade 9 / Grade 10 / Grade 11 / Grade 12

These workshops give students insight into the materials economy, highlighting the environmental impact of producing goods like food, electronics, packaging, and clothing. Students examine the pros and cons of waste solutions like recycling, and explore the role of industry, government, and individual choices in reducing resource use and waste. 

Whole School Waste Reduction Challenges for JK -8 Schools

If you are interested in engaging your whole school (JK - 8 grades covered), please consider a Whole School Waste Reduction Challenge. ?

The Region of Peel's Whole School Waste Reduction Challenges, delivered by ecoCaledon, offer school communities an opportunity to address waste reduction through hands-on learning and action. This engaging program is designed to inspire change in waste practices and foster critical thinking about waste issues.

Schools may choose from two themes:

  • Recycle Right
  • Wasteless Lunch

Each theme includes a fully facilitated whole school waste audit and fun school challenges to motivate improved waste practices and educational activities that help to reinforce the importance of waste reduction

For more information or to book Waste Reduction Program in Caledon contact

Lucrezia Chiappetta:

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