“Partners in Project Green is committed to helping businesses turn SUSTAINABLE practices into BOTTOM-LINE RESULTS.”

Partners in Project Green (PPG), a program of the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) is partnering with the Town of Caledon on the GreenBiz Caledon program. This program is available to Caledon businesses or institutions of any size or sector who are interested in learning more about how their operations can be more efficient by reducing their carbon footprint and finding improvements and efficiencies in energy, waste, and water, resulting in cost savings.

This one-year program will provide company champions the opportunity to get access to advice and mentorship from experts at Partners in Project Green and develop a plan to make their businesses more sustainable. Participants will get the opportunity to collaborate and network with other local businesses as part of this program.

Benefits to Businesses:

  • Potential cost savings from energy and waste reduction
  • Employee engagement opportunities
  • Recognition for taking action on climate change
  • A chance to give back to your community
  • Free 1-year membership to PPG

Drawdown Solution Tie In: 

Calling all businesses in Caledon! Register for the GreenBiz Caledon program being offered by the Town of Caledon and Partners in Project Green. Learn more at https://partnersinprojectgreen.com/your-needs/engagement/greenbiz-caledon/


Town of Caledon


Partners in Project Green- Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)



ecoCaledon Drawdown

ecoCaledon Drawdown helps individuals and community members in Caledon be a part of Project Drawdown. Project Drawdown provides us with a road map of how we can reverse global warming together! 

For More information on Drawdown click here.

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