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Howard the Butcher



Howard the Butcher offers a great variety of local grown food including meat, cheese and veggie options. All of their beef is hormone free and a variety of their cheese and all their veggies are organic.

Howard and Ann look for SUSTAINABLE farming practices when sourcing their products.

In an article in the Caledon Enterprise celebrating 20 years in business Howard said of his business:

The generations coming up behind ours, the 25- to 45-year-olds, I find they’re more concerned about the quality than the price of everything so it fits right into our footprint because all the meat we sell is from farms that treat the animals humanely — no hormones, steroids or antibiotics.”

Howard and Ann go out of there way to purchase products that are as local as possible and that come from organizations that follow sustainable farming

Howard the Butcher supports many local causes (Orangeville Hospital, Caledon Seniors and Caledon Community Services)


ecoCaledon Drawdown

ecoCaledon Drawdown helps individuals and community members in Caledon be a part of Project Drawdown. Project Drawdown provides us with a road map of how we can reverse global warming together! 

For More information on Drawdown click here.

Products and Services:

  • hormones, steroids and antibiotic free meat
  • local produce
  • Fresh Items including Roast Coffee Beans from a local supplier
  • Home cooked entrees every day
  • Catering for events

Contact and Location:

Howard Beckett and Ann Dunbar
5980 Airport Rd, Caledon East, ON L7C 1E8
(905) 584-2934

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