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Food Waste Challenge



Waste Reduction

Who likes taking out the trash? Probably no one… And we have way too much of it! Canadians are leading the rankings for the biggest waste producing country – time and time again. Recycling isn’t a solution to the problem. The goal shouldn’t be to recycle more but to avoid creating waste in the first ... Read more
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Gratitude For Food

  Who is Gratitude for Food? Gratitude for Food was founded in the fall of 2018 by a small but enthusiastic group of Caledon residents with a passion for food and a concern for the global problem of food waste. As ecoCaledon members we had recently completed a course together to learn how to create ... Read more
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GreenBiz Caledon

Calling all businesses in Caledon! Register for the GreenBiz Caledon program being offered by the Town of Caledon and Partners in Project Green. Learn more at
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EcoFest (Postponed Until Spring 2021)

From tiny house and zero waste living, gardening and food waste tips, recycling and composting programs, EcoFest will host a variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Visitors will be able to calculate their carbon footprint, join in on eco themed scavenger hunts, play backyard games and potentially test-drive an electric vehicle or ... Read more
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Reducing Food Waste

Project Objective: To reduce food waste in both residential and non-residential sectors throughout the Town of Caledon. We are currently trying to assess how much food waste we produce and how best to deal with it. We understand some of the challenges and want to see how we might bring together a possible alternative that ... Read more
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Paint A Picture

Program Details During March to May/June, elementary students across Caledon paint pictures that are displayed across Caledon in many businesses, schools and municipal locations (over 80 locations in 2018). This reminds drivers to not leave their car idling when going into a building. Businesses display posters Elementary Schools Participating in 2018 Paint a Picture for ... Read more
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Walk the Talk

Drawdown Solution Tie In: Energy Sector Solutions –depending what you do to your home #18 Geothermal #10 Rooftop Solar Other Buildings and Cities Sector solutions –depending what you do to your home #73 Green Roofs #33 LED Lighting #42 Heat Pumps #31 Insulation For descriptions of each solution go to: How to Get Involved ... Read more
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Rain Barrel Project

What is a rain Barrel for? Rain Barrels capture rainwater from your rooftop. This water would normally run into a storm drain, culvert or ditch before flowing directly into a local river, carrying pollutants that it picks up along the way. Rain water that is captured in your rain barrel is fresh and clean and ... Read more
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