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On September 8, 2018 the “Rise for Climate Change” event was held in Guelph, Hamilton and Toronto plus many other cities around the world. Thousands of people came out in 95 countries to let governments know that we need action for Climate Change.

In nearby Guelph, there was a very big “Rise for Climate Change” event. Guelph and its leaders running for office this fall have made a commitment to take action and support a more sustainable approach to the environment. Kay MacDuffee and several other members of ecoCaledon were in Guelph to show their support. The event brought many people together to work towards taking the steps needed to do think differently.

Kay MacDuffee described the energy and feeling of the Guelph event in her Just Saying Article:

We, the citizenry, were speaking truth to power, in words that supported our leaders to act. We spoke of real action and hope. As Guelph rally organizer, Steve Dyke, says, “We touched on all
the climate negligence and focused on BEAUTY, MEANING and CONNECTION. If we’re not in touch with the goodness, we are not ready to protect it.”

Here is the article from Kay MacDuffee about the September 8th “Rise for Climate Change”:

So where do we take this need for local action around the world in communities like Caledon?

In a word Drawdown….

Drawdown* and this Drawdown Directory from eco Caledon* and Pachamama Alliance* is a measurable way to work towards sustainability and reversing global Warming. This directory will help you connect with others and with organizations that can help to be a part of the solution (Drawdown has 7 Sectors (e.g., Energy) and almost 100 solutions (e.g., Solar Power) to help)

Think about a personal project (i.e., Car Pooling to work or More Energy Efficient Heating system in your home) or of a community project (such as a New Farmer’s Market or more bike lanes or local transit…). Then think about who could work with you or approach an organization like ecoCaledon to help.

You can get involved by taking on a Drawdown project or by making your home more environmentally sustainable. Use the Drawdown Directory (on the ecoCaledon web site to find organizations that can help and to see projects that other members of your community have undertaken in areas including Food, Energy, Materials, Land use, Transport, Building & Cities, and Women & Girls.

If your idea is for an entire municipality, then approach the town – Caledon has a team that works on the Environment with policies, programs and a Green fund that can be applied for community projects.

Community Group: Kay MacDuffee and ecocaledon

Kathryn (Kay) MacDuffee thinks of herself as a learner/teacher/seeker after truth. She’s lived in Caledon before it was Caledon. A retired educator and journalist, her brimming energy keeps her active still in both. Her secret? An attitude of gratitude”. She lives a sustainable life always finding ways to reduce her impact on earth. She is an active member of ecoCaledon inspiring us to live a more sustainable life!!

ecoCaledon in conjunction with its partners promotes environmental programs, projects and activities designed to enhance and protect Caledon’s environment and to reverse global warming. We engage the Caledon community and its individual citizens in the enjoyment and conservation of the environment. Our vision is to connect the majority of Caledon Citizens (Caledonians) to their environment encouraging them to live more sustainable lives and to help in making Caledon more sustainable lives and to help in making Caledon more sustainable. We are a mostly volunteer run organization (

Drawdown project, ecoCaledon and Pachamama Alliance

Pachamama Alliance is spreading the message of possibility for reversing global warming and inspiring people to get into action with a new educational program based on the revolutionary research of Project Drawdown. Project Drawdown is a coalition of more than 200 experts led by Paul Hawken that identified and modeled the 100 most substantive, already existing solutions for addressing global warming and demonstrated that it is possible not just to slow global warming, but to begin to roll it back by 2050.

ecoCaledon is offering workshops, in the community and in the schools, to build involvement and support for Drawdown solutions in Caledon.

The purpose of this project:

The purpose of this project is to encourage you to engage with your community to take on a project to reduce global warming –to work with others and with your town to reduce global warming. Check out the directory, contact some of the project individuals or community groups or come to an ecoCaledon meeting to see what you can do…

Overall Benefits: This project is to help us all take local action to make a difference in our community for reducing global warming.

Drawdown Solution Tie In:

See all the Drawdown solutions: For descriptions of each solution go to:

How to Get Involved with the Community Group

  • Get a copy of the Drawdown Book edited by Paul Hawkins ($30.00 at Indigo/Chapters)
  • Consider taking a Drawdown Workshop –check out the “About Us” Tab for upcoming Workshops
  • Come to a ecoCaledon monthly meeting (every third Thursday at 6:30 pm at the Caledon East Fire Station Meeting Room on Old Church Road

Contact and Rise For Climate Change Project information:

If you would like more information on this (Rise For Climate Change) project, contact Kay MacDuffee at:

Or use the Draw Down Directory at:

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