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Turtle Green Refillery



New Turtle Green Refillery offers better Environmental Choices for You

Turtle Green Refillery is a new Caledon business, providing a unique shopping model for the citizens of Caledon and the surrounding area.  Turtle Green Refillery offers earth-friendly home and personal care products for sale in refillable containers, with the aim of reducing the amount of plastic in our waste stream.  Owner Carolyn Vallejo, a volunteer with ecoCaledon, was inspired by fellow member Nancy Lotecki, founder of Zero Waste Caledon. Customers now have the option to purchase such basics as hand soap, dish soap and laundry detergent by re-using containers from home or by purchasing in pre-filled, reusable mason jars supplied by Turtle Green. Products are sourced from Canadian companies with a strong environmental conscience, and are delivered to your home with COVID-mindful handling.  Follow this new and expanding business on Instagram @turtlegreenrefillery.

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Owner Profile: Carolyn Vallejo.  To learn about Turtle Green’s back story, check out Just Sayin’ Caledon’s July 15th article, written by Kay MacDuffee.

Drawdown Solution Tie In: 

Products and Services: Home and personal care products; see above, and website to browse and place your order, visit


ecoCaledon Drawdown

ecoCaledon Drawdown helps individuals and community members in Caledon be a part of Project Drawdown. Project Drawdown provides us with a road map of how we can reverse global warming together! 

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