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Canadians produce more garbage per capita than any other country on earth. The average Canadian produces about 5 pounds of garbage a day! Waste incineration contributes to air pollution, landfills are a source of greenhouse gases and plastics are contaminating our oceans.

In order to address these environmental impacts of waste, one local Caledon resident has gone ‘zero waste’. Her goals for the year include:

  • Throw away one small jar of garbage for the entire year
  • Significantly cut down on packaging and plastics
  • Share her experience with as many people as possible and inspire others to do the same!

She has also begun a local “Zero Waste Caledon” initiative to encourage other residents to reduce their waste as well.

Project Description

Zero Waste Caledon is a local initiative with the aim to inspire residents of Caledon and surrounding areas to waste less and live more! Through this initiative, residents can learn how to reduce waste and plastics use, improve recycling and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

This initiative includes:

  • A Facebook page where you can find zero waste and climate change information – visit for more information
  • Workshops on how to go zero waste
  • Public speaking to raise awareness and educate regarding zero waste

Reduce Your Waste

We are all familiar with the “3 Rs”: reduce, reuse and recycle. While recycling is an important part of waste reduction, we need to be aware that not all materials can be recycled. Some items like plastic can only be “down-cycled” into lower quality products, eventually ending up in our waste stream. Recycling is also an energy-intensive process. Reduce and reuse should always be our first choice because the best way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place! There are also some other “Rs” to consider including repair, re-gift and reclaim.

There are many easy and affordable ways to reduce your waste. Here are just a few:

  • Switch to reusable (e.g. shopping bags, water bottles, travel mugs, beeswax wraps)
  • Ditch disposable and single use items
  • Bring your own jars and shop in bulk
  • Make it yourself (e.g. toothpaste, deodorant, cleaning products)
  • Cook from scratch (e.g. super easy no-knead bread)

There are many benefits to reducing your waste. These include:

  • You’ll make fewer trips to the curb with your garbage bin
  • You’ll be less exposed to additives, preservatives and chemicals
  • You’ll make healthier choices (and even lose a bit of weight!)
  • You’ll save money, buy fewer things and have less clutter in your house
  • You’ll slow down, be less stressed and get back to basics
  • You’ll help the planet!


If you or your organization is interested in finding out more, or would like a Zero Waste guest speaker or workshop, please contact:

Nancy Lotecki-Neely


ecoCaledon Drawdown

ecoCaledon Drawdown helps individuals and community members in Caledon be a part of Project Drawdown. Project Drawdown provides us with a road map of how we can reverse global warming together! 

For More information on Drawdown click here.

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  1. One thing you can add to your list is the thousands of local newspapers that are left at the end of driveways every week. These are not subscriptions. They are seldom read and and left wrapped in blue plastic bags. Wether read or left to pile up they are a source of pollution.


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